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My name is Jessica Washington I enjoy giving God praise for each day I see. Thanks to him for current & future blessings. I enjoy fashion! I love how you can switch it up&be different!!! I also,love cruising through others fashion life! I'm an educator. I love teaching & building relationships with my students. Such a joy!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my final exam

If you would like to take a look at my final exam here's the link. My final exam was about watching a video on this student and educator that made points of how important education is and how it is so important for the educator to encourage their students no matter what they do. Name of the video is clipper series.


Good by 4now...

I would like to thank my educators and classmates for working as a team this spring semester. I look forward to using the skills I learned from EDM310.

Monday, May 3, 2010


As a future educator EDM310 has provide skills that I will use myself and introduce them to my students. This class has opened my eyes to new ways to teach in the classroom it is not always about book, paper, and pencil. Education comes in so many shapes and forms. Technology is continue to grow each and everyday. It is the educators job to stay up to date with the new technology available in today's society. To maintain the skills I have learned from this class is by reading and using sources to stay up to date.

This idea is so awesome!!! It allows the educators and students to communicate with other teachers and students all over the world. Blogging also allow students to use their imagination and think outside the box. This feature also allows students to stay on task with school work if they may become sick one day. The teachers can post up coming test and assignments for the students.

Allows you to post your opinion about a topic and also allow you to read other people opinions all over the world. This information would not be a good source to use when doing research for class.

This feature allowed you to learn different ways to present information to your classmates in so many forms. It also helps you gain confidence in talking in front of a large group of people.

Google Docs:
Offered skills that feature educators could use in the classroom. You can make all type of documents to present many material to your class or another group of people.

Google Spreadsheet:
Teaches you a different way to present information to a group of people or for a meeting.

Is software that allows you to organize, edit, and share your photos for free

Allows students to set up a presentation in a different way that allows them to think outside of the box. This feature also allows them to work on speech.

Allows students to make a video about any topic of their choice.

This feature allows students to look at other students work all over the world. They are also able to search for different videos of their choice. Youtube also provides music videos from the new century to the old century. Youtube offers so much for research and other things.

This is a good way to show someone you love them by putting pictures and other things together. You can also but together a movie you may be interested in making.

Posts I read:
This allows you to see something someone else saw in a topic for class or any other topic. They may see something you did not see. It may also open your eyes to something you did not see at all. That is why it is a good idea to read other students posts.

This is a good idea for everyone to take a part in. It allows you to communicate with people all over the U.S. It also gives you the opportunity to meet up with old classmates from elementary to high school and so on. It also allows you to speak freely about any topic....

Allows you to think outside of the box about topics of the day. You can also meet people all over the U.S.

Teachers/Students outside of our region:
This feature allows you to see what teachers and students in different cities are engaging in from academics to fun activities in the classrooms.

Comments for Teachers/students:
This feature allows you to see students opinions on different topics and also allows you to comment on them. This feature also give you ideas to use for your students as feature educators.

iTunes/iTunes U:
This feature allows you to organize and keep up with the latest music in today's society and the older society

Google form/data bases:
Allows you to keep up with important information in a organized way

Google Earth:
Allow you to record and see different landscapes of different cities all over the U.S.

Is the worlds leading social bookmarking service. It allows you to share, bookmark, and discover web bookmarks.

These websites allow feature educators to receive skills about different ways to set up a lesson plan. It also gives good ways to start the class off.

All these activities provides good information for future educators and students.....

Friday, April 30, 2010


Here is My voice recording from: Vacaroo



Here is the link to my timetoastline. I did my time line on my education over the years.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

blog post 14: April 25

This video was a true eye opener for me as an individual and a future educator. These two videos showed me how students are getting so involved with new technology. I think it is GREAT how the seventh grader new about blogging and how it has enhance her education. Her PLE was truly organized and filled with so many activities that she found of interest. She had her classwork on one side and her personal things on the other side. She also does a good job at explaining how she goes to the Internet and search many things about science and other subjects. The presentations were very detailed from videos embedded in and brief descriptions of each topic. She also is very determined in finding what she wants. She never gave up on getting a scientist opinion on her work.

The video on the two questions was also very interesting to me as a future educator. The two questions really gets you thinking about your purpose in life. It also makes you determined to do better the next day and on to the next. WHAT'S MY SENTENCE?? & WAS I BETTER THAN YESTERDAY?? These two questions in my opinion are good ways to climb up the ladder of success in life.


  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • yahoo messenger
  • blogger
  • skype
These are the following communicators that I use to communicate with old high school friends over the U.S., aunt in the army, and educators that post information I find interesting as a future educator.

Link 2project #14

My substantive presentation is on Teaching my parents how to use the Internet. Here is the link to view if you would like.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

comments 4kids# 10

For this week the student I had to comment on was Seini-Mino. This student was assigned to discuss how he or she feels about learning. The student stated that learning is so important because it can help you in your future. I totally agree education is the key to success. The student also stated that he or she loved to read. Reading is also a very important concept that you will use into adulthood.

blog post 13

Incorporating blogging in the classroom:

As a future educator I think allowing the students to blog will be a good idea. It would allow the students to express themselves about certain topics. It would also reveal gifts and hobbies that he or she didn't know about. It would also be a good idea for the students to keep up with homework assignments if they may get sick. The Internet also allow them to communicate with other students in other schools all over the U.S. This is one of the activities I plan on incorporating into my classroom for my students.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I interview my SY112 instructor. We basically discussed the idea of Wal-Mart being in all the different cities in the US. The conversation was very interesting and lasted about 30 minutes. Basically Wal-Mart is a monopoly and comes into neighborhoods and make the small business loose money. Loosing money due to Wal-Mart cause them to close down their shops and find other ways to make money for their family and to pay bills in the household. I think Wal-mart should not be designed to do such things but that is how it happen each and every day. Wal-mart is designed to be a one stop store and that is how it gets people trap. Basically it make citizens lazy and they don't want to go and support other stores in their area. We also discussed how Wal-mart does not treat their employees well either. The store does offer good insurance for its employees. The insurance wal-mart offer is to expensive. Having this conversation opened my eyes to many things in life.

Teaching someone how to use technology

I will be teaching my parents how to use the Internet:

First find an area that has a computer and Internet access. Second turn on the computer and wait until it loads up. Check to make sure it operates properly. Third go to the start menu and look for the Internet icon. You also have the option to hit the Internet icon on the desktop. Then you are ready to access the Internet and search for what ever you may desire. The Internet allows people to do so much from projects, paying bills, shopping, and so much more.


I did my survey about allowing regular and special education students together in the classroom. I basically wanted to see the opinions of what my fellow classmates thought about this topic. Some of my classmates felt the same as I did and some felt different. Having these students together may or may not be an good idea. You can check out my responses at the bottom URL.


Skype conversation

I used skype to talk to one of my cousins in Birmingham. We basically discussed how school was going in described how Mobile and Birmingham are on different levels when it comes to music and clothes. The traffic is totally different to. If you can't keep up at 80mph get off the road. You will get knocked off the road. I have been there like three times myself and I loved it. It is a nice city but the traffic is bananas. The conversation lasted about 40 minutes.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

bog post 12

Zax: North/South direction:

This video was an good example of how some educators or mangers do not want to move from the same way of doing something. Change is always good. Some people get so use to doing things one way their whole life they do not want to change. The video also points out the world is going to continue to move on even if you do not keep up.

PS 22 Video:

This video was also a good eye opener for future educators. It showed how students good work should be published and praised. Praising student work allows them to do better in school and with their future endeavors. The video also allowed the students to express themselves through music. The students really enjoyed what they were doing you could tell by how they were so emotionally into the song.

comments 4kids# 9

Student: Johnathan:

The student that I was assigned to comment on was Johnathan. In his blog post he gave realist descriptions of how nature was talking to him while he was laying in the grass. He used verbs that gave human qualities to objects around him. He also did a very good job at describing how one cloud looked like an dinosaur to him.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

blog post # 11

Mr. Chamberlain & Kaia:

This blog post shared some good information for educators and parents. It shows that education starts at any age. Points out that education is also very important and that it should not be played with. I would like to applaud the father for making sure his daughter is exposed to learning in different ways. This blog post shows students that they can communicate all over the world. Also, learn and exchange ideas or the way students/adults live in other cities. This example my also open the eyes of students and educators. It may show educators a different way of coming up with a lesson plan or show students they may enjoy the outdoors to.

comments 4teachers #2

Joe Dale:

I was assigned to comment on Mr. Dale blog post on his website. This blog post had some helpful information for future educators. He basically focused on integrating technology into the classrooms. Further down on his page he explains how to set up a twitter account, how to work on your PLN, and how to use the voice band on an iPhone. This page has good information on how to communicate different ways in today's society. The one thing that caught my eye was when Christine Terrey discusses the importance of education. She stated that education should be celebrated. In her speech she discussed how show and tell is extended learning.

Joe Dale #2:

I was assigned to comment on one of his current post. In this recent post he discussed the advantages of the iPadio. It is basically designed to capture audio more quickly and has a good value to it. He also has a video to show future teachers and students how it can be used to do projects and other great educational things. The world of technology is continuing to grow each year and over the past months. This blog post was a good example of how to incorporate new tools in the classrooms.

Jim Sullivan:

Mr. Sullivan blog post discusses how twitter is a good source of free writing. Twitter allows you to publish your opinion on any topic each day of the week. It is a good way to express your self for free he points out. Each day twitter set up a list of discussion questions and you and friends can debate about that topic all day if you want. This was a good point that Mr. Sullivan made in his blog post.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

comment 4kids # 7&8


Is one of the students I was assigned to comment on their good work. Maroroa assignment was to do a video on what he did over the holidays. He did a very good job at explaining what he did with his friends. He stated that he played basket ball with his friends. He discussed how they had a good time.


Is the other student I was assigned to comment on. This blog post was basically about how students should receive 30minute breaks after a lesson is taught. The student does a good job at giving his or her opinion and then giving examples to explain why he or she feel that way. I feel students should receive a little break. They should because they are overloaded with so much work. Everyone deserves a break after so much work.

blog post #10

Morgan Bayda/Dan Brown:

This was an open letter to educators or future educators. This blog post was a good eye opener to me as a future educator. It brings to the attention of how society moves forward in technology each year. It also points out how education has change over the years. In my opinion change is a good idea. If we learned school material the same way each year it would get boring over a period of time. Brown gave a good example of how the Internet is free. He stated that back in the day citizens had to purchase a map that pin points where they need to go. In today's society we can go online and get the information we need. I also love the quote that was stated: "Teaching is not about facts, its about empowering children to change the world."

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Blog post #9

ALEX: Alabama Learning Exchange:

This program is basically designed to help future educators in the classrooms. It is broken up into six different tabs. They are as follows: courses of study, web links, search, lesson plans, personal workspace, and podcast treasury. Each tab has many examples that you could use in the classroom. The personal workspace is very helpful it allows educator to keep lesson plans together and other material. It is another way to keep up with paper work because some educators have so much paper work that they can not keep up with it. The courses of study give you examples of how to teach each subject on that grade level. In my opinion this is a good program for future educators because it allows you to get prepared for the classroom. Also give you good examples of certain lessons plan. In the field of education beg, borrow, and steal is fine!!!

ACCESS: Alabama Connecting Classrooms, Educators and Students Statewide Program:

This program is designed for distance learning in public schools. It basically allow students to take classes that they would not be able to take in their school. I think this a good program because it allow students all over the US to use it. It also allows them to sign up for offered classes online that is not offered in their school. Some people may say this is good and bad at the same time. Some students may want to take advantage of this opportunity but can not afford to get a computer. Then someone may say their are libraries available for those students they do not have one. But you also got to look at transportation as being an issue also. Over all I think this is a good idea because it allow students to take advantage of a good opportunity.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

comment 4kids # 6

For this weeks comment for kids I made a comment for Mrs. Yollis class. The students names are: Ben, Sydney, Trent, & Ethan. The students basically made a video with music about 3D SHAPES. They also made blog post and discussed the the shape and its name. Made good points of the shapes and how they relate to shapes in today's society. The students were so amazing!!! Also pointed out the shapes edges, vertices's, and faces.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blog post #8

Randy Pausch's Lecture:

This presentation was so helpful and amazing. It was filled with so much examples of life experiences for future educators. Mr. Pausch focused on childhood dreams, enabling other people dreams, and the lessons learned. He also talks about his different job experiences and the people he had to work with.

He basically discusses his childhood dreams and how they came to life. The one childhood dream I enjoyed the most was him wanting to join the football league. I like the fact he had a dream to play football and joined a team the age of nine years old. He described how his coach road him one day at practice. I think the coach had the right idea. Some of your students need to be road like that. Push them until they be successful. That is the best way to make sure your students are successful by pushing and encouraging them each and every day.

He gave an example of how educators can enable students dreams. An educator job is to encourage their students and let them know all things are possible. Mr. Pausch makes this happen by coming up with an class that allow students to work in groups. It was titled building virtual worlds I think..Basically the students were put into groups to come up with an invention in two weeks and present it.

I also find the dream fulfillment factory to be a good source or example for feature educators. Basically the program is set up for artists and technologists to work together to make different inventions. Mr.Pausch stated how it is basically video technology to teach people how to do certain things. The program was such a success that the program was offered their students sure internships.

He ends the presentation with lesson learned. He discusses how important parents, educators, mentors, and friends are to you as an individual. They are your encourager.They help enable your dreams. This video does a good job at showing future educators the route to go in the classroom setting.


This week comment for kids I was assigned to comment on a students blog named Michala. The student was assigned to state his opinion on how he feels about the Loch Ness Monster being real or fake. Michala did a very good job of stating his opinion and backing it up with facts. He did a very good job. His opinion was basically that he did not know if was real or fake. He said it could be real or it can be fake. He also states how the people that were there heard noises and the pictures were blurry. So basically it could go both ways. The monster could be real or fake.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

BLOG post7

This is How We Dream Parts 1& 2:
These two videos will be a good help or warning for future educators that do not know how to use a computer. In my opinion all future educators should know the basic operations of computer and learn about what they have to offer to the educator and student at the same time. It is the educator job to make sure they are trained properly about how to use the computers and also learn the different applications that are on it. If it is possible they educator need to research where classes are offered to learn about them. Basically the two videos how leaning has change from century to century. He talks about how writing has went from paper and pencil to globalizing. Mr. Miller also, discuss how citizens are living in a digital environment. Points out how collaborating is also used on computers. The video gives a good example of how computers are convenient to those that do not want to go to the library. He stated how he had to do a project for his job and did not have to step a foot out the house. Another, good example is that the computers allow you to do sound, visual, and printable documents all at once.

Network Student:

This was a big eye opener for me. This video is also a good video for future educators. This video shows what learning is all about. Basically a network student knows the ends and outs of communicating with people all over the world. This student is also learning and picking up different skills that will help them in their future endeavors. The student knows how to get in contact with authors, professors, and film makers. I think this is so amazing for a student to know how to communicate like this and share the information that they fine. In the video it stated how the student found information on American Psyche. He took this information to get in touch with experts to talk to his class. This student presents how technology is so great and how helpful it can be. It also give them commutation skills with people in the business world. Then, towards the end of the video it gives good reasons why this student still need assistance from a instructor. Some examples: the educators shows how to network, school them on good information from bad, guidance when stuck, how to communicate properly, and ask respectfully for help for the experts.

Dr. Wesch: The machine is changing us...

Discusses how computers will cause some people to loose interest in reading books. He also makes a good point about how the media changes our conversation. That is true because once you listen to certain things you become attach to it. Just like that saying: you are what u eat. The video makes good points on the students attention spans in the classrooms. He compares the students in this generation to the older generation in how their schools was designed. It is always good to go back and compare how the school systems have change and how students attitudes have change on certain things. This video was very helpful.

PLN: personal learning networks

In my opinion having a PLN is very helpful for future educators. It allows you to receive certain opportunities that will help you in your classroom. It is a good way to keep in touch with educators all over the US. The main thing I am going to use as an future educator is beg, borrow, and steal. It is fine to borrow ideas from your school family. A PLN is a good way to get ideas for projects and other things that might be a wonderful help to get a lesson plan done or what ever the case may be. I have a twitter account that allows me to follow different people. It also allows me to gather ideas from other educators all over. I have also followed Ms. Darah Bonham on her blogger page. I chose to join her because she have good ideas that will be a good help for future educators. She also may good points about technology in the classroom. Also, she takes a look at the big business and how they affect the economy. LPN is a very good idea for future educators and it should be taken advantage of.


For this week I had to make a comment for one of the students in Mrs. Geoerend's Class. The student name is Callie Z. His topic he chose to talk about was "How to play basketball". He did a very good job at describing step by step of what to do. He knew exactly what he was talking about. I also, could tell that he was on a basketball team or have been on one before. The thing that caught my eye the most is when he discussed how the body needs water or Gatorade so it does not dehydrate. That shows that he also knows about science and how the body works. He did a very good job!!!!

COMMENTS 4teachers

Darah Bonham: Mobile Home On Main Street:

Ms. Bonham does a good job at discussing the cons of big corporations coming into neighborhoods. The best example she gave was Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is a big corporation that comes into neighborhoods and cause the moms and pops stores to loose money. This cause change to the economy and affects families. This is a huge social problem that is going on in today's society. Then, she goes into detail about how technology in the classroom is a good idea. In my opinion technology is a good idea to incorporate into the classroom because students find interest in technology. So why not teach through technology??? They will learn so many skills that will help them in their future endeavors. Ms. Bonham also points out how these skills can perhaps allow the future generations to make better business.

Darah Bonham: Mobile Home on Main Street: Design Work in our Schools:

In this blog post Ms. Bonham discusses ways educators should change the way they teach. I think she made a good point. For example, she stated that educators teaches a subject and want the end product to be this certain way. Educators should find other ways to teach their students and not just go by a lesson plan all the time. In the blog it discusses Ideas Culture Program. It is basically a program filled with brain stormers that come up with a solution to a problem. I think this is a good way to get educators involved with gathering skills of different ways to improve their students educational setting.

Darah Bonham: Mobile Home on Main Street: Your state not get race to the top finds, no worries try the Pepsi challenge:

In this blog post Ms. Bonham discusses President Obama innovative plan for the local schools. President Obama basically have a plan in mind that will help educators/future educators with money problems. The plan will allow educators to be worry free. They will be able to incorporate innovative ideas in the classrooms. Ms. Boham discusses the social problem, which is educators not being able to do certain activities in the classrooms because of low funds. She states the social problem then give examples of how to make the situation better. She gives the example of how Pepsi came up with an idea and makes it happen. This was a good blog that educates future educators of what he or she may be faced with.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blog post6

Dr. Christie's site:
Her website is very helpful to educators and future educators. The website focused on so many ways to present information to students in the classroom. The link that caught my eye was the workshop. It is basically a visual that help the students learn the lesson for that day. The application is called Web 2.o. It basically focus on mapping mash-ups and she states how students can use this to incorporate their research. This site also, offer researchers and educators new ways of presenting and analyzing data.

iTunes University:
Allows the students to transfer music to an I pod or I phone. This site is very helpful to students to access and quick. It is also designed for sharing. i Tunes users can open their play lists to any other i Tunes user. This website also, allow students and educators to make and access podcast. This website is very helpful to educators and students in presenting and gathering educational information for research.

Duke University:
As I did some research on this university I found out a lot of information. Here is the website that I visited cit.duke.edu/pdf/reports/ipod_initiative_04_05.pdf. This college first year interbreeding i pods into the classrooms was 2005. The students have academic i pod projects that they have to do within the school semester. The students enjoyed using the i pod to learn and present academic material in a different way. The use of the i pod increased the frequency and depth of student interaction with audio course content through portable and flexible access offered by the i pod. We all know that i pods has so many features and allow you to do so many things. For example, downloading music, searching the web, pod casting, and cooking a nice dinner.

Technologically Literate Teacher:
Is basically a teacher that knows the computer inside and out. Everyone will not become a technologically literate teacher. It is fine not to be in my opinion. I feel that every teacher should know the basic operations of a computer from pod casting and searching the web. Educators should also, feel fine with upgrading their teaching devices. For example, some educators still use or have the overhead in their classrooms. It is okay to upgrade to a smart board. As long as that educator gets schooled on how to use the device and use its features. The features on new technology in today's society has so many helpful ideas and information that will benefit the students and the educator at the same time.

comments 1,2,&3 4kids

I viewed three different videos for the comments for kids assignment.

I was assigned to make a comment on a student name ANDEE video. He basically made a video outlining how to make pancakes. I found it very interesting that a student at this age was able to instruct someone else on how to make it. I also, enjoyed it because I love to cook myself.

I also, watched a video about two older students that compared a PC and a MAC. I found this video to be very funny and interesting at the same time. The students did a good job at getting their points across to their audience. A lot of people feel that a MAC is better is than a PC. But, this video shows that both computers have pros and cons.

I was also, assigned to make a comment on one of Mrs. Goerend's students. The student name was Sydney. The student basically made an poem about snow. He or she does a good job at painting a mental picture of how cold the snow is. I could really feel the cold snow how it was explained.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


This blog brings good points to students and educators attention about how unreliable the site is. Since I been in the school system as a youngster I was taught not to use the site. The website is basically an online encyclopedia that can be change at any time of the day or month. It is very opinionated and should not be used to get information for a project or what every the case my be. Wickipedia is basically a site for your entertainment and not anything to serious. The website gave an good example of how people can go and change information on Wickipedia. The example was how this company went into the website and deleted fifteen paragraphs off the site. This example should open the eyes of citizens who may think about using this site as a reference.

"What I've Learned This Year":
The author of this blog does a very good job at schooling future educators. He basically outlines how he first started out his career as an educator. Tells how he had the perfect lessons plan made out and it did not work out. That is how educating students work out, lesson plan may fall through or you may have to just go with the flow. Education is a learning process for the educator and the student at the same time. He made a good point about making your lesson plans student centered. The students are the main focus in the classroom. They are the future generation and their education is so important.

The teacher desk website:
This website was very interesting and gave good reasons why blogging and videos should be integrated into the classrooms. A lot of students are into using computers in today's society. So why not keep their attention by allowing them to use computers in the classrooms from pod casting and videos. The students are gaining social skills and learning at the same time. I think pod casting is a very good way to keep the students involved in the classroom.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Blog assign. 4

All of the websites that were given for us to watch had some good information for future educators to use. It also, made some good points of why pod casting should be integrated into the classrooms. The educators in the videos had good examples to back up what they had to say about pod casting. There were two links that caught my eye. I watched the fist link and it discussed pod casting as a way of enhancing education.

Langwitches: Is a website that discusses pod casting and how parents feel about it. He makes a good point about pod casting. He stated that it is a way of enhancing education to students in a way that will keep their attention. I totally agree with him. The example of parents getting upset about their children using computers to learn was a good example. We all know that parents freak out when they hear their children are learning from computers. Parents do this because they are so use to paper and pencil. They also point out that technology allow students to pick up on listening skills, auditory skills, technology skills, and organizational skills. I feel that long as the students are learning have at it.

The second link was also very interesting. It discusses the benefits of pod casting in the classroom. It brought to my attention how this generation of children are using technology day in and day out. So why not teach with technology??? It is something students enjoy doing. This web site gave the best example of how helpful pod casing is. The skit went like this....A student was to sick to come to class. But, she was still able to prepare for her big test that was coming up. She was able to do so because her instructions uses pod casting and post all the assignments and study guides online.

The videos on numbers 28 & 29 was also a big help. It gave you a good tour of how to start your own podcast. It basically shows you how to start from scratch. All the websites that were provide was a big help for future educators.

Friday, January 29, 2010

blog assign.3

Conversation # 62 found on (Ed tech talk):
This conversation was involved with a group of teachers from different parts of the world. They did a lot of talking by introducing each other and discussing where they are from. It would have been a good idea for them just to state what the topic of discussion was going to be about. The educators did have some good ideas to share and help future educators. The topic was about different I POD applications that can be used in the classroom. The main thing they focused on was to tell educators many ways I POD applications can be integrated into the classroom. This also, is a good example of how to get your students attention. Education is more than paper and pencil.

Ed tech weekly #151:
This talk show basically discuss statics in the year of 2009. They compare Internet users to cell phone users. They also discuss how the numbers are very low and how shocking it is to them. The statics show that 1.4billion citizens used the Internet in the year of 2009. The talk show host found this very shocking because he thought it would be about the same amount as cell phone users. Statics showed that 5billion people used cell phones. But, what he fells to realize is that a lot of people are moving away from the idea of computers. Cell phones will now allow people to almost anything. It allows you to do the same computer applications as a computer would do.

Instructional Design Live:
This talk show was different then the others. It was set up as an interview. The male that was being interviewed was named Robert. The program was basically set up to ask Robert how he perused his career in instructional design. He stated that this is something he truly enjoys doing each and every day. He talks about many applications that are available out there that educators could use to integrate into the classroom. He also, mentioned that he has an online class where he teaches on this subject to students all over the US. He talks about different type of blogs that would help the students express themselves and learn at the same time.

Teachers Teaching Teachers (Ed tech talk):
This talk show had a very good idea of how to get the students involved in the school lesson. But, the idea has it pros and cons to it. The topic was discussing gaming. The idea of this gaming was to integrate games into the lesson to help students learn. This is a good idea of teaching through gaming. Students would love to learn in a different way instead of the normal way of paper and pencil. The teachers are schooling other teachers on ways to get gaming into the classroom for a lesson plan. The negative side is that you as and educator you do not want to make the mistake of picking gaming and use it it the wrong way. Make sure the game enhances the lesson by making it fun and the students are learning at the same time.

Smart board lesson #134:
This show is good for educators to listen to because many classrooms in today's society have smart boards. Every educator should be willing to learn about the smart board. They should learn about it because it has so many features that could enhance your students learning abilities. They give you so many examples of how to use the smart board. They show you how to use the applications that the smart board offers. Give examples of good lesson plans. Educate you on how to integrate the smart board into the classroom. It is a good way to teach a lesson to the students. It would be a waste not learn how to use it.

FETC Teachers Present: (learning/teaching with Pod casting) KID CAST:
This kid cast was very funny to me. The students put on a skit to help show you how to do your first pod cast. It basically takes you through the steps of how to get one started. From step one all the way down to the next... It also, generates may ideas of integrating pod casting into the classrooms. Pod casting also give the students opportunities to express themselves through learning.

The three videos that was posted on the website gave good information for future educators. Each video painted a important picture. They opened my eyes to things I did not notice. The first video about first graders was interesting. The students knew exactly what they were doing. They could take an adult and school them on how to use this technology. The skills the students have is very amazing to me. This video just show how students are getting very smart with technology in today's society. The baby was also an eye shocker to me. I have a little cousin and knows to much to be a two year old that it is scary. Children just are being introduced to a lot of things in this generation. It is okay long as it it good information that would help them on their future endeavors.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

blog post assign.2

Michael Wesch: A vision of Students Today
This video does a good job pointing out different pros and cons of students lives today. The students also made some good points to. The video paints the picture of the average student in today's society. Showed how students waste their money, time, and education. One student made the point that I fellow classmate pay to go to school but never comes. Why would you pay to go to school and never come to class???? There are other citizens out there that would like to have your spot but can not afford it. The students on the video showed how they waste so much time using the Internet, testing, face booking, and tweeting. The time used for the computer could be used studying lesson. Another, good point was that students buy high priced books and half of the time do not use them at all.

It's not about the technology:
This post was very helpful to future educators like me. Mrs. Hines does a good job with this post. She looks at the subject at different perspectives. The main thing I got from this blog is that educators should evolve, adapt, and learn. She also, states that technology can be a good thing long as the instructor heart is in the right place. Technology is a different way of integrating lesson plans into the classrooms. This can help the educator and the students at the same time. Everyone should be willing to learn new thing as today's society upgrades each year.

Fisch: Is is okay to be a technologically Illiterate teacher??:

This blog post encourages educators to learn about different applications about computers. I think this is a very good idea considering that most of the citizens all over the US is using them. This blog makes some good points about this topic. It points out that it is okay to know and learn about computers. Teachers should be able to use technology because most of today's society is integrating computers into lesson plans. I think every citizen should be able to use or learn about a computer because each year something new comes out and the world is using them more. For example, most company's is moving from paper applications to computer applications.

Gary's Social Media Count:

Gray came up with a good idea to show citizens how much they are using computers. The idea of having statistics of different web sties usage is very interesting. It shows how the world evolves around the computer in today's society. But statistics has it pros and cons to it. Statistics change every day and are not exact. This project of Internet usage shows how citizens spend most of their time day in and day out.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

blog assignment one

Did you know??:
This video points out current events that take place in today's society that citizens do not pay attention to. The main topic that caught my eye was when the video compared American students to students in China. It stated how China have more honor students than American students. This can be caused by many reasons. For example: Depending on the family background about education beliefs has a lot to do with this idea. In one family education is very important and in another family it my not be as important. The video also points out how citizens keep their jobs less than five years. This was a big eye opener for me. This is so very true in today's society. The world is moving very rapidly and changes every year. Business open for a couple of years then closes down a couple years later.

Mr. Wrinkle Wakes:
Mr. Wrinkle in this video make very important points on how important a student's education is. He looks from two different prospectives. one in the school and the other at the hospitals. He goes into detail about how the hospitals had all this wonderful and new technologies being used. He is very detailed in his observations as he walks through the buildings. The video paints a good mental picture of how the schools should be and not be. When, he goes into the school he finds out that the schools have the same set up as it was in his time. Students were just sitting at the desk and listening to the lecture. It is more to education than just paper and pencil. I got a lot form this video. But, the main thing I got from it was that students should be challenged.

Ken Robinson:
I really enjoyed Mr. Robinson presentation, it outlined ways to encourage education and how to make it enjoyable. The topic that caught my attention was about students making mistakes. He makes a good point about this topic. He discusses how making mistakes are part of learning and should not be taken out of proportion if it happens in the classroom. He also, states yelling at the student is not a good idea either. Just encourage the student by helping them through the problem. Another, good topic was about allowing the student to be creative. This is such a good point. The students should be allowed to express themselves so they can be comfortable. Being creative also shows his or her abilities in any subjects. I am going to take this idea and run with it and use it in my classroom. Thanks Mr. Robinson.

Harness your digital smarts:
Mrs. Davis does a good job at coming up with a diverse way of teaching her students. I also, love how she show her passion for helping students learn. She makes a good point, when she stated that teaching students come from more than just paper and pencil. Mrs. Davis focus on hands on actives and that always get the students attention when they are just not in one spot. Her class is based on learning how to use many and different technologies. I really like the idea stating that teachers do not have to know everything. Also, that having students teach the instructor some things is fine to. She also, paints a good picture of how instructor should have a passion for what they do. Not just to take a job but, do it because you enjoy doing it.